​How to choose the candles for your wedding decoration

by A. V.

When planning our wedding we take the chance to make our life-time dreams for this unique occasion come true. One of the basic features, that usually are dreamy and create an atmosphere of magic and uniqueness are candles. That is why we want to choose the best candles for our wedding decoration. 

Whether it is the candles for your perfect wedding centerpieces or the candles for the reception area, it is not only about the aesthetic details but also the technical ones that can make their light become into an unique glow. For that, we have prepared these basic tips you can use to select the perfect candles for your dream to come true.

Wedding candles in mason jars

  1. Buy the best dripless candles:

Make sure to look for dripless candles. There is a great variety of candles in the market but not all of them have this feature. Notice that the dripping not only occurs because of the wax from which the candle is made but also because of the placement of it close to air circulation. Consider getting dripless candles so you would get a specially designed one that will reduce the dripping to its lowest. Usually, the packages or the product description will state when they are, so take a careful look at them and always go dripless!

White taper candles centerpieces

2. Long-burning candles for your wedding centerpiece

It may seem a little detail but it is very important to select long-burning candles, as we want them to enlighten our celebration for as long as it lasts. In the label of the products, you can usually find the duration of them. Calculate it knowing that they are not precise but approximate imagine at which point of its burning the celebration will end, imagine how beautiful it can be that the ending of the burning coincides with the end of the ceremony.

Assorted sizes pillar candles for weddings

3. Unique candles for every wedding style

The concept of your wedding can be enhanced by the style of the candles you buy. Not only it is a matter of sizes and their placement but also a matter of assorted shapes that combined can make beautiful combinations. They can be pillar candlestapers, tea lights, votives or floating candles. Also, when choosing them, pay attention to the finishing, it can be completely plane or they can also have different textures that can take them into a particular tone. For example, rustic weddings are right now one of the most popular because of their organic and welcoming touch. 

White and pink candle decoration for weddings

4. Unscented or scented candles?

For your reception, always choose unscented candles. The scents can be pleasing, but for your wedding table where food will be involved it is better to keep the atmosphere with a neutral odor. For the restrooms, you can choose light scented candles that freshens the air with a nice aroma.

Ivory pillar candles for wedding centerpieces

5. Shop only high-quality candles.

When you use high quality candles you can tell the difference. They burn evenly, they don’t drip on the surfaces they are on, they look beautiful and bring elegance to your ambiance. Choose great quality candles that will take into the wedding a special aura that enhances your decoration. To make sure that the candles you want are good, look for reviews about them and get samples that you can try so you can decide for the best ones and get the best enlightened atmosphere for one of the most important days of your life.

Remember to take care of the safety measures from the beginning when you involve candles, so you don't have to spend part of your ceremony worrying about them.