11" Eco-Friendly Paraffin-Free Tapers - 24 Candles Assortment Pack - Free Shipping

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Eco-Friendly Stearin Tapers - 24 Candles Assortment / Free Shipping.

Jande's Eco-Friendly Stearin tapers are produced using plant base materials and steric acids. Our stearin candles are palm oil free and 100% biodegradable. They burn at a higher temperature leading to a taller brighter flame. The end result is an elegant candle with a smooth matte finish. These clean burning candles are smokeless and offer an alternative to candles made from paraffin.

HEAT RESISTANT: Great for Summer use... "No matter how hot it gets, these tapers will stay straight".  The wax property of stearin candles is unique in that they will withstand high temperatures and remain straight up in any hot summer weather. This feature makes them ideal for use or displaying them year round anywhere and in any type of event. 


* Two Assortments available. #1 Comes with 8 each Dark Lilac, Sun Yellow and Red.  #2 Comes with 8 each White, Light Green and Ivory.

* Free Shipping

* Unscented  * Dripless  * 11” Tall  * Color through   * Cotton core wick 

* Burn time: 11 hrs ea.   * Crafted in Denmark.