​8 helpful tips for burning candles safely.

by Jose Varuzza

Soy Wax LuminariesThere are many types of candles available and it is important to use them in a responsible and safe manner and as long as you follow these helpful tips, you will be sure to enjoy the magic of their flickering flame and the harmonious effect they produce in your home.

1. Never leave candles unattended. It seems obvious, but from time to time we forget we have candles burning and go on to do things around the house leaving the candles lit. Our advice is to simply extinguish them if you leave the room or area you have candles lit.

2. Place your candles on heat-resistant and non- flammable bases.candle holder or candle base will do the trick and will make your candles look even more stylish. Many holders have a well to hold any drippings. Make sure to place your candle holders on a flat surface to prevent the candles from tipping over.

Taper Holders

3. Place candles at a safe distance from flammable materials and other candles. Flammable materials include curtains, textiles, dry spruce, or anything that can catch fire. Also, when arranging candles, don’t place them too close together to prevent the heat from one candle melting the others.

4. Keep burning candles away from drafts. Strong drafts can lead to smoke and soot being produced by the candle. Also, tapers and pillars that normally don’t drip, will drip when exposed to drafts. Most candles are not intended to be used outdoors.

5. Keep wicks between ¼” to ½” for best results. Wicks are a very important part of the good-quality burning. A wick that is too long may produce soot. If the wick is too short, it may cause the flame to start dying. If that is the case, extinguish it and pour off some of the liquid wax and re-light.

Candle Snuffer

6. Candles burn best when the whole surface around the wick has liquefied. Extinguishing the flame too often in short periods of time, may cause the candle to form a tunnel and to finally go out. This is especially true with pillars and container candles. For best result, burn pillars and container candles for periods of no less than 3 hours.

7. When candles burn one-sided, push over the wick to the side. Make sure not to do it when the wick has cooled down, as it can break.

8. Always use a candle snuffer to kill the flame. A snuffer starves the flame of oxygen, ensuring that it goes out gently, without giving the wax a chance to spatter. It is the safest way to douse a candle without worrying about spatter or burning one's fingers on the wick.