How to bring Fall into your living room dècor this 2016.

by A. V.

Bringing fall into your home: 

The fall season makes the world come alive with beautiful, rich colors. Nature’s color palette during this season is striking with tones of red, orange, gold and brown. From the changing leaves to the hot chocolate we sip while sitting by a glowing fire, it’s hard not to be inspired by its natural beauty. Decor with fall colors can create a warm, inviting atmosphere that hugs you the moment you step foot in it. They evoke feelings of home, family, and being one with nature. This year consider decorating with fall colors to create a warm and cozy home you’ll want to nest in all winter long. There are 3 levels you can explore, depending on your time and budget:

Level 1 - Major Fall Decor changes:

  • Paint the walls. Warm and neutral colors. 

If we are planning on decorating the living room for the first time or want to spend some time and money, go big by painting the walls. You can choose traditional neutral colors such as sand, wheat, mustard, stone, or clay, which are just a few of the colors that blend harmoniously with most existing decor schemes. These colors also make rooms appear larger and more open. 

Or you can opt for warm colors which make the room cozier and comfortable just right for this time of the year. Orange, plum and burgundy are the favorites for the fall time as they resemble the leaves falling all around. Don't be afraid of making the room too small, just create balance by painting only one or two of the walls with a warm color and the others with the neutral tones.

Warm color painting: Curry walls for fall decoration

Neutral tones for fall decoration

Level 2 - Medium Fall Decor Changes:

  • Furniture in strong and powerful colors. 

Rearranging furniture can be a fun way to play with the decor this fall. There are beautiful contrasts that can be created between the walls and furniture. Choosing a sofa that has one of the most powerful colors of the season, will immediately set a tone for the whole living room. Also, tables and chairs can be complement your decor style.

Orange sofa for fall decoration

  • Well-combined Cushions. 

Changing the cushions and mixing some unicolored ones with printed pattern. Combining one of the strongest colors of the palette (dark lilac, plum, dark orange or curry) with two or three of the other colors such as ivory, white, light grey or an olive green will give you the feeling that a whole new space has been created.

Cushions in assorted colors for fall decoration

  • Cozy Blankets.

 Adding a blanket can also be a way of making the living room stand out in a very simple way. Choose one with powerful tones to combine with the neutral colors of the furniture and walls and you’ll end that with a space that looks more inviting and warm.

Blanket and cushions for fall decoration

  • Inviting and unique paintings. 

You can also incorporate one or several paintings as part of your fall decor.. Both the frame and the painting itself chosen in the variety of colors can set the space ready for the season.

Paintings for fall decoration 2016

  • Decorative and useful ornaments. 

Flower vases, bowls, decoration pieces, one or a few chosen in the colors you want to highlight.

Fall decoration 2016

Level 3 - Simple Fall Decor changes:

If you want to keep your fall home decor tasks as simple as possible, you can add a few decorating items that showcase this season’s fall colors and make your home warm and inviting.

  • Details from nature. 

Itself can highlight the fall colors in your home.Use dried fall Leaf branches in a small flower base. Keep the leaves attach to the branches and create a unique fall display. You can try some in a vase or just put them on a fireplace or tabletop with your other beautiful fall decorations.

Nature, glass holder and dripless pillar candles

  • Bringing beauty with flowers. 

The natural touch flowers add to any decoration is undeniable. Fall colors can be found in sunflowers, lillies and craspedias, but feel free to add some other flowers to your arrangements that can play a nice constrast to it.

Flowers for fall decoration

  • Warm lighting using candles. 

There is something about burning candles in the fall that create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the home. There are so many ideas you can play with using candles to create beautiful fall decor. If you don’t care for scented candles, you can use unscented Kiri tapers and pillars to work with your other fall decorations. 

Kiri unscented taper candles are available in all your favorite fall colors, from the more traditional colors such as moss green, orange, curry, dark lilac and bordeaux to the more trendy ones such as florentine clay, grey, dark green and plum. Scented candles are also great for fall decorating and with so many choices, you can sure find the scent that best suits you. Remember to buy dripless candles so your arrangements stay clean and beautiful at all times.

Dripless taper and pillars candles for fall 2016

Whatever your style or budget is, there are many ways you can bring fall into your home. With fall arriving we spend more time indoors. So, make the best of it and have fun.

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