12" 6-Pack Kiri Tapers Gift Set


6-Pack Set Kiri Danish Taper Candles.

Each pack contains 6 Premium tapers of the same color.

Candles come in a reusable chip board tray and a clear sleeve.

  • Unscented   * Dripless  * Burn time: 12 hours ea.
  • Over 40 colors to chose from.
  • This 6-Pack sets make great gifts for that special someone in your life
  • Diameter: 7/8" (Will fit any standard candle holder)
  • 100% Cotton core wick
  • Made from highly refined pharmaceutical grade paraffin wax.
  • Crafted in Denmark
Full Description

6-Pack Set Kiri Danish Taper Candles.

Each pack contains 6 Premium tapers of the same color.

Candles come in a reusable chip board tray and a clear sleeve.

  • Unscented   * Dripless  * Burn time: 12 hours ea.
  • Over 40 colors to chose from.
  • This 6-Pack sets make great gifts for that special someone in your life
  • Diameter: 7/8" (Will fit any standard candle holder)
  • 100% Cotton core wick
  • Made from highly refined pharmaceutical grade paraffin wax.
  • Crafted in Denmark
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Kiri tapers

I love these candles. The colors, the burn time, everything.

Kiri Tapers

They are beautiful colors and they burn slowly and dripless so as not to ruin my table or clothes. I love them

The Kiri candles come in many good colors, they last long and are priced right. I use them all the time.

Good product.

Kiri Candles

The best!


I have been buying these candles for years because they are dripless and last a long time. Also love the wide range of colors. My retail source stopped carrying them so I bought direct online. Even wider selection with the same excellent quality.

Kiri Tapers

These amazing and dripless candles burn beautifully and evenly. They also last much longer than ordinary candles because of the way they burn.

Long lasting burn

I love these candles!


Love them! Long lasting , drip less and no fragrance.

12 in tapers

Beautiful colors. Love the long burning time.

12" 6 pk Tapers gift set & 12" 6 p.o. mix set Danish tapers

Candles arrived in perfect condition. We have bought these candles at retail stores and loved them.

Taper candles

There are excellent candles

12" tapers

I have used these candles for years, but recently the little shop where I purchase them has decided to dramatically cut back on the number of colors they offer. So I thought why not go direct---I'm so happy I did--every color I want whenever I need them delivered to my door in less than a week--perfect!

Kiri Tapers Gift Set

These make the best gifts. Introduce your friends and loved ones to the best candles out there!

Taper candles

Ever since I bought these candles in Sonoma, CA I have ordered them directly from Jande. I use them every day....I buy them as gifts. They burn slowly and the choice of colors is endless. I love these candles!

Kiri Tapers

Kiri tapers are TRULY dripless. While I have tried other candles that claim to be dripless, these candles are the only ones I have found that actually are dripless. Kiri tapers are now the only tapers that I purchase.

6 pack 12" candles

The candles are some of my favorite. The color selection is extensive and I love the striation of color. My only issue is that I normally would visit my favorite retailer to purchase. Seeing all the colors together reminded me of my favorite (no marking of colors on the box) I have moved and had to order online. I could no longer compare colors and pick up my favorite. I saved my box but no color name marked. I made a guess based off the sample colors and my guess was wrong. So much for free shipping when you have to play the game of finding the correct color. You better be clear on what you want (although I am not sure how) The candles themselves are great and I would highly recommend them.

6-pack 12" Kiri candles

This is the third package of these that I have had, and I love them. They are dripless, long-burning, and come in an amazing variety of colors. They are a wonderful product for the price.

6 pack Kiri Tapers

These candles are beautiful and they seem to last forever. Definitely worth buying!

12" 6-Pack Kiri Tapers

Top quality. Good looking. Long lasting. A joy to use. My babe & I have romance at dinner every night.


These are fabulous candles! They stay upright in my candleholders without having to use the sticky goop I had to use with other candles. Plus the colors are great, they're scentless, dripless and they last long.

LOVE these... honestly, so much.

These are my favorite candles in the world. They are stunning, serious, and burn beautifully.


These are the best candles, the only ones I use. The colors are great and they are drip less !

12" royal blue candle

This is a very beautiful candle and the color looks gorgeous on the dining room table.

Best Ever Candles!

First thing in the morning we light three jande candles on the kitchen table. Last thing before bed we light two jande candles on our coffee table in the living room. Great way to start the day. Great way to end the day. PS . . . The cables add warmth and romance to our lives! On Easter Sunday, we will celebrate our 51st wedding anniversary.

Great product and excellent service!

I received some of these candles as a gift and loved them. The colors are vibrant and the candles burn cleanly. The customer service with keeping me posted on the order.and shipping details was excellent.

taper candles

These truly are the best quality candles I have ever used, long lasting and drip less

Fabulous Candles

These drip less taper candles are amazing and very long lasting. They come in a nice variety of colors and I've been enjoying them for years.

Color deeper

The Slow-burning, dripless Kiri Candles are great -- I ordered what I thought would be the same 'Caramel' color, but the new stock arrived with quite a bit darker hue. They're still of a color that can be used all year round, but wish they had been a lighter caramel color. Customer Service attention to my Gift Candles Order was handled perfectly and I appreciate the Free Shipping!

These are terrific candles

The candles arrived immediately. Very easy process.

I've finally found the candles!

I had purchased these candles for the last few years from a nearby store and then they stopped carrying them. I not only liked the style (a sort of rustic lined pattern runs through them), but also the specific color (Bordeaux). I looked and looked online. Finally I found you, and taking a chance that they might be the same, ordered them. They arrived VERY promptly and were the EXACT candle I was hoping for! I'm delighted to have them back!

Great service and great candles

The candles are exactly what I was looking for. They arrived well packed and quickly. Very satisfied!

excellent dripless candles!

Got Kiri tapers as a gift. Do a large formal sit down Christmas party every year. Need tapers that can burn for a long time without dripping on table cloths. So, used Kiri's. Did not have a single drip. I also like the angular shape and the tapered base. They stay level when fitted into candle sticks so they burn evenly. Wonderful variety of colors as well.

Dripless, Vibrant Colors A Winner

These are THE best, and most difficult candles to find. I have used them for a number foyers and everyone comments on how beautiful they look and function as a centerpiece.

Kiri is the best

The colors are very good and these burn longer than ordinary tapers.

So glad to have found my favorite candles online!

I bought these candles at a local store for years and then they closed. I gave up finding them until I called another branch of the same store (hours away) and they told me the brand of the candle. I was then able to go online and was so happy to find them - and with no shipping and a 24 hour turnaround time!! These candles are the best!

Very clean beautiful and efficient candles

These candles are very beautiful! But what really makes them special is that they burn in a very clean and efficient way causing me not to worry about them while they are burning. I'm Nichiren Buddhist and they are superb for my altar.

Superior candles

Vivid colors and quality of wax is exceptional plus they burn slowly without a drip! Even without the flame, the candles add beauty to my dining room table. This is my second order in 2 years so they last a long time. Such a good value and prompt delivery to my mailbox.

Best-Burning Candles I've Ever Had!

I love these candles! The only complaint I have is that it was very difficult to determine the color from both the color sheet you sent with them and from the color choice online. The colors didn't match and weren't what I expected.

Lovely, high quality candles

I discovered these candles in a local store 5-6 years ago and they have been my favorite candles ever since. They are scent-free and dripless, and they do indeed burn slowly as advertised. They are clearly of a better quality than most other candles I've tried, and the colors I have purchased in recent years are beautiful and rich. When I recently couldn't find the color of candle I needed locally, I was relieved and grateful to find I could order them online. The order came promptly to my home and the candles were in perfect condition. I am a very pleased customer!

Great Candles

I have ordered from you before two prior times. I previously ordered a bulk box and mixed my colors. This time I ordered the 6 packs, which cost me more overall. That was disappointing. I love your candles and will order again, but I am mad at myself for not remembering to order the other way. My only complaint is that the bordeaux and the plum are so close in color I really cannot tell the difference. Online the colors seemed very different.

Great candles

Were difficult to find before Jande Direct who ships these really nice candles in good safe packaging.

BEST candles ever!

Love these candles more than any others.

Best Tapers Ever

I have used these hard to find candles for years - the colors are vibrant and they burn slowly and WITHOUT DRIPS.

The Best Candles on the Planet!

I by these at a local market in the Northern California Bay Area and love how they burn! The colors are so perfect and I give them to everyone! Glad I found you online so I can buy them for a little less! Thank you for such an excellent product...