​8 simple ideas to style your pillars this Christmas

​8 simple ideas to style your pillars this Christmas

Posted by A. V. on 1st Dec 2016

8 simple ideas for decorating your pillars this Christmas

It is already that special time of the year when our decoration starts changing to the tones that say Christmas. All types of candles are usually a good part or our decoration because they bring us the sense of togetherness and sacredness that are a fundamental part of the Christmas spirit.

Because of this, we want to bring you these easy DIY ideas to decorate your pillars, so you can include them into your Christmas decoration with simple yet beautiful details.

  1. Glitter Dipped Pillars

White unscented pillar candles dipped in glitter

For a simple and visually powerful decoration, this hack for your pillars can work perfectly. You only need glitter of your favorite color, glue and an ivory pillar candle (for the short size 2.75” x 4” or the tall size 2.75” x 6”) and to follow some simple steps. Here the full guide.

2. Christmassy ornaments

Dripless pillar candles with christmas ornaments

If you want your candles to have a delicate and homey look, this idea can help you do it. It needs a few more minutes of dedication, but it is cute and affordable. White pillar candles look beautiful with these designs, the size 2” x 4” is the optimal for this idea. You would also need burlap ribbons, christmas ornaments and glue. For the detailed list and instructions, take a look here.

3. Cinnamon-hugged pillars

Dripless danish pillar candles with cinnamon sticks

This decoration also smells good! Using cinnamon sticks reminds of christmas immediately, and adding a few more ornaments, including jingle bells will be all you need to make your candles christmassy. The recommended sizes for these ivory pillars are 2.75”x 4” and 2.75”x 6” preferably making sure that they are dripless and unscented so they don’t blur the natural cinnamon aroma. The materials and information are in this link.

4. Shine with Push pins

White Pillar candles with push pins decoration

For a festive and shiny decoration you can use push pins. Red, green and transparent, as well as gold or silver will make your candles change their looks right away. It is very simple and you only need the push pins and a glue gun. Placing the pillars in shiny holders and platters will make the dècor look more elegant and have a stronger presence around your home, so consider adding them to this hack. Choose white pillars for this idea, as it makes a stronger combination with the shine that push pins naturally have.

5. Fun Decorative paper

Christmas decorative paper on white pillar candles

Paper, laces and some felt will do the trick to make the candles look this adorable. Combine the christmas colors and motives with others not that traditional to create the playfulness ambiance and a joyful dècor. Pick different sizes of ivory pillars for a more romantic and natural look and white pillars for a modern and elegant one.

6. Elegant and rustic pearls 

Dripless pillar candles with pearl garlands

This is one of the most elegant hacks for your pillars. You would need glass candle holders, pearl garland and burlap ribbon. Make sure to buy the glass holder with a diameter a little wider than the pillar’s size so it is tight enough and doesn’t look loose in the holder, also choose long-burning pillars that extend the duration of your lighting. If you prefer to buy the kit to set it right away, here they sell it already crafted.

7. Frosted candles with epsom salt

Frosted long-burning pillar candles in epsom salt

Perhaps one of the most popular ideas in pinterest these days, that is also very simple. You will need a dripless danish pillar candle, glue and epsom salt. After creating it they will have a frosted look. Add glue to the pillars with a brush, dip them in epsom salt and let them dry and voilà!

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