How to bring Spring 2017 into your home dècor

How to bring Spring 2017 into your home dècor

Posted by A.V. on 4th Apr 2017

The long waiting is over, spring is here with all its freshness, colors and freedom. We want to bring all of that into our home decoration in a way that makes it beautiful and inspiring in concurrence with the outdoors atmosphere. This is why we have brought a few tips to welcome the spring spirit in our homes and create with it a comfortable place to share and enjoy the beauty of these months.

When we think of spring what comes to mind first are the flowers, the light atmosphere, the birds, butterflies and the starting of the life outdoors. To refresh the style of our homes from this ideas, there are a few focus points that we can take into consideration:

Spring Colors for your home dècor

To embrace spring we can start by taking a look at its colors. From the Pantone list for 2017. All of these colors can make a good starting point to add to your decoration some spring vibe. Although these are the colors for 2017, you can also use the most common colors for this time of the year: pastels are the most popular colors for the season, including the light versions of green, blue, pink and lilac. Also colors that reminds us of flowers and nature like hot pink and green apple.

If you want to enhance your decoration using our Kiri taper candles in the beautiful spring colors, you can take a look at them here.

Spring colors for your home decor 2017

Natural scents

This time of the year we leave on the side the heavy scents and change them for lighter and natural smells such as flowery combinations, herbal smells and also natural honey. There are a few suggestions from the experts that we can take a look here. You can take a look also at our beeswax and scented soy candles.

100% Natural beeswax candles

Rustic yet light ornaments

Whether it’s in inspirational quotes on a trunk or a pallet-style table, the rustic trend is still on and what better time to refresh home with them than spring! The rustic finishing for spring usually combines wood painted in pastel colors such as light blue, pink or white. This also applies for metallic pieces that can be painted in these colors.

Decoration for spring 2017

Flowers, plants and gardens

Different from Fall, when we decorate using pumpkins and trunks, in spring we want it to bring the sense of aliveness to home. We can do this by bringing flowers into the house being them cutted out or plants that will grow during the season and sprout their flowers by the end. It is also a good time for starting a little kitchen garden with our favorite herbs that will not only add a touch of nature but also allow us to enjoy their aromas and flavors in the food.

Rustic details and candles for your home dècor

Light fabrics

This time of the year we are looking for freshness and simplicity. Embracing hygge -the danish lifestyle of cozy yet simple living- is also possible and for that we can look for having lighter drapes, lighter blankets with simple designs that carry beauty and coziness in a soft and gentle way. We can do the same with cushions and carpets, making them lighter in textures and colors as well, which bring the spring tone into our decoration.

Light fabric for your spring dècor