​How to create a truly romantic and intimate dinner

​How to create a truly romantic and intimate dinner

Posted by A. V. on 28th Jan 2017

Intimacy is a great part of what we are looking for in romantic dinner, precisely in Valentine’s day. Intimacy means to feel both comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere and feeling closer and at ease. But in Valentine’s day we also want an extra of sensuality that accompanies the encounter all its way.

One of the reasons why special dinners fail, is because of all the stress that comes out of their preparation and the desire of making them perfect which in the end only leave a bad taste in mouth. It is this wish of perfection that can completely ruin the dinner, and it is why we should bring our attention to finding balance between what we want and what we can do. When we feel comfortable, it's when we can also share this comfort and joy with another person.

To start with the creation of what can be truly intimate, we can start by planning it ahead and making sure a few days before the dinner that we have everything. Having the recipe that we want to make, or knowing what type of food we want to order, will already reduce the tension on the dinner’s day.

Creating an intimate atmosphere:

Sitting comfortably doesn’t need a table.

Having in mind that we want to create intimacy, what place would be comfortable enough for you to want to share secrets and stories? Would it be a dinner table or rather a sofa or even a rug? Whichever you choose, make sure to have cushions and blankets to be able to be as comfortable as possible, you want it to last so the closeness can unfold at its own rhythm.

Romantic dinner with candles

Illumination for a romantic dinner

The lighting is one of the most important features for an inviting atmosphere. Why? Because when we have too much light we can see everything, and because as humans our vision is the most developed sense, we tend to focus our eyes and allow less awareness to our other senses. Intimacy and sensuality depend very much on impressing the other senses in positive ways, so bringing the lights down, helps on this.

When thinking about lighting, take a look at the possibilities you have at home. It is important to find a balance between having enough light in order to see the food but making a dark-enough atmosphere that brings closeness.

Trying a combination of a floor lamp and a table lamp in two different corners of the space can help. Use candles for an extra boost on the intimate lighting. If you have a dimmer, also involve the ceiling lamp into the combination.

Candles for Valentine's day

For sure there is nothing that generates such a sense of togetherness other than candles, and this is one of the details that can set a completely different atmosphere, just by having them lit. Choose where to place them away from drafts, where you don’t have to worry about them during the night. Preferably, choose them dripless and use them with a holder so you can leave them lit knowing they will not damage your furniture or floor.

They can be placed as dinner centerpieces for which it is better to use  dripless taper candles. If you prefer to have them around, using pillar candles - also dripless- can be better. Use different sizes and colors according to the rest of your decoration (tablecloth, napkins, plates, food).

Dinner taper candles for a romantic dinner

Food & drinks

Although we may want to show our cooking abilities or a very special meal, a heavy meal or one that contains too many spices or strong smell, can completely change the atmosphere. Choose the food in a way that give you comfort and pleasure regarding flavor but also textures and smell, considering that it is not overwhelming for the taste or the stomach, but that gives to the mouth the experience of sensing. It is very important to include desert, nothing better than sharing love through sweetness. Drinks should be chosen according to the whole combination.

Romantic dinner with pillar candles


Not only choosing the right music is important, but choosing the right volume too. For creating sensuality, look for music that you can feel smooth and can play in the background without disturbing the conversation. It is a good idea to prepare a playlist that includes soft jazzy songs that help make the atmosphere even more relaxed. There are also a lot of playlists already created for this purpose, you can check out some of them here.

Romance and intimacy in valentine's day

With these few details we can make sure we are creating an inviting atmosphere not only for our guest but also for ourselves, where we can come to enjoy a sense of togetherness, sensuality and intimacy. 

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