​How to get the best from your tapered candles

​How to get the best from your tapered candles

Posted by A. V. on 16th Jan 2017

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Tapered candles are usually the first type of candle that comes into our minds when we think of candles. They are also called dinner candles, as they are often used on dinner centerpieces or for decoration. They are usually thin, tall and around one inch in diameter.

They are popular because they enhance our decoration by bringing a delicate lighting that also looks elegant because of the candle length. This is why, they are made in many different colors, sizes and finishings, from the rustic till the modern ones.

If we want to get the best out of our taper candles we have to consider a few tips:

1. Make sure to buy the best tapered candles:

In order to do this, we need to clarify what are the qualities that make a candle good. The wax has to be of good quality. Paraffin is one of the best waxes for tapers when it is highly refined. The wick has to be made of cotton and it has to be long enough and they should be long burning. When you pay attention to these details, you can guarantee yourself you will be getting a good candle.

2. Trim the wick for a better glow

Although candles are usually self-trimming, sometimes they are not and it is when we should pay attention to the length of the wick. When the wick is too long it might produce soot and when it is too short, it might cause the flame to start dying. For getting the best burning of your candle, keep the wicks between ¼” to ½”.

3. Secure your candles with taper holders For getting the best out of your dinner candles, you need them to be standing steady and straight. A holder can secure your candles in the right position, it is only necessary to make sure that the holder’s diameter holds the candle properly. With the holders you will not have to worry about the candles and you can have an added decoration value. Take a look at these holders.

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4. Always shop dripless taper candles

One of the most important features for choosing the best tapered candles is making sure that they are dripless. When we say dripless, we refer to the property that makes candles melt less wax than the wax they burn. This leads to having cleaner candles that don't leave melted wax around the surfaces they are on. Nevertheless, if the tapers are placed in areas where there is a strong air flow, they might drip, so it is important to place them indoors and out of the air flow.

5. Unscented tapers for dinners, scented tapers for decoration

When picking your tapers, also be aware of what you want them for. If you want them for decoration and you like scents, scented tapers are the best choice but when it is for using them on dinner tables as centerpieces, it is better to avoid the scented ones as they interfere with the aroma of the food and can be more disturbing than enhancing for yourself and guests as well.

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