How to shop accent decor candles

How to shop accent decor candles

Posted by A.V. on 29th May 2017

To be able to choose the perfect candle for your decoration, it is necessary to know first what possibilities there are for you to choose from. Pillar candles are those cylindrical candles that are wider than a common dinner candle. They come in different sizes, mostly around 2” x 3” to 2” x 7” and they last around 3 to 5 hours depending on the size. Another particularity of pillar candles is that they are self-supporting, which means that after being poured and unmolded, they don’t need a container to be burned.

They have become very popular lately because of their use in the Danish lifestyle of hygge. Their popularity is also related to the elegance they bring into any home décor or in special events, the latest combinations for decoration that are in include combining different sizes in one or two colors of different pillars and using them either as centerpieces or in many parts of the room that we are decorating. It has also become popular to place them in holders or lanterns to enhance their glow as a way to get the best out of your pillar candles.

To choose the best accent decor pillars, we look for those that can make a plus into our decoration. That means that they show special features that put the accent either on them or in the combination they create with their presence in the room where they are placed. Today we want to take a look at the different styles of pillars there are, to make it easier to choose the ones for our home decoration. The styles sometimes depend on the way they were made or how they have been decorated.

Over dipped: 

When the core of the pillar is white but the outside is of a color it's called "Over dipped". This type of candles are made with powder or granulated wax which is then compressed to form the shape and after, dipped into the colored wax or pressed into the mould with the texture to be decorated with.

Over dipped pillar candles in assorted colors

Color through: 

You can say that a candle is color through when they are solid, made entirely of the same colored wax that we can see in it. This type of candles are made by pouring liquid wax in a mold and then unmolded. Some tapers are also color through but a different process is used for producing them.

Color through pillar candles in green


Texturized pillar candles can be either color through or over dipped pillars, but they feature a texture in the outside that makes their finishing particular. The most common textures that are popular at the moment are the rustic finishing, as well as the metallic pillar candles. Both of them, have been texturized either in the dipping or in the molding process. They usually come in different colors allowing the textures to be perceived not only by the touch but by the sight as well. Lately, white rustic pillar candles have become popular for the use in weddings as part of centerpieces.

Texturized purple pillar candle Metallic silver pillar candle


Some pillars are decorated after they have been made. The decorating includes all sorts of possibilities that can enhance the pillars including leaves, flowers, metals, ribbons, glitter or even with all kinds of printed designs.

Metallic copper pillar candle


Pillars can also be made mixing different colored waxes. Making a layer each time, letting it dry and adding a next layer, created beautiful pillars with combined colors. They are usually hand-made and sometimes include different fragrances per layer.

Layered pillar candle


These candles are usually made of beeswax. The beeswax comes in large pliable sheets that can be rolled into creating the form of a pillar over a wick that is placed in the center.

Beeswax candle