What is Hygge and the Danish candles trend

What is Hygge and the Danish candles trend

Posted by A. V. on 4th Mar 2017

Danish candles have been in for a few years now. Why is this trend continuing and what are the danish candles all about?

Cozy living with danish candles and hygge

In order to answer this question, we have to go further from just burning candles to the particular danish lifestyle. In many of the top 10s and records where different countries are measured over their happiness, Denmark is one of the leading countries, they ranked number 1 in the 2016 World Happiness Report. Apart from the economical reasons behind this, Danes say it is also because of their way of living that involves gratitude for life and embrace its simplicity in sharing it with others which in danish has its own term: hygge.

Although, the term hygge (pronounced hoogah), doesn’t have an exact translation in English; its meaning could be translated as homeyness or cosyness, but as every translation, the term involves a lot more than just that.

A lot has been written about hygge worldwide, explaining this concept that can be found in other Scandinavian cultures, but that has become popular particularly from the danish. An article from the telegraph explains that hygge is not about just being comfortable, things we can buy or places we visit, but a state of mind of psychological balance in which we share experiences with others. Hygge means to enjoy the simplicity of being with others in a warm and familiar atmosphere.

Unscented dripless ivory pillars

The tradition of hygge is all year long, although its undisputable moment is winter and it involves burning candles, listening to soft and relaxed music and sharing indulgent no-guilt meals. It means to enjoy what is there, as it is, including ourselves. This is why it keeps on being one of the most appreciated lifestyles in Denmark, as it is a perspective of living with ease and acceptance for ourselves and others.

But the question is how to start embracing the beauty and peace of hygge in our homes? Some magazines and danish webpages share their knowledge about hygge and how we can take it into our lives. There are a few tips shared from the expat magazine Your danish life, as well as the Danish tourist webpage which we can take and adapt to our own style:

White unscented danish pillars

-Start by keeping the areas where you gather clean and simple. Not having it over-stuffed or disorganized will help you enjoy being in the present moment.

-Lit dripless danish candles more often. As hygge is about enjoying the coziness of being in a simple way, Danes often prefer unscented, dripless and long burning candles, which they don’t have to pay excessive attention or have the overwhelming sensation that some scented candles can produce. Danish candles have usually all of these properties and with a few tips you can get the best out of them without spending much.

-Enjoy the food you eat, focusing on your sensations: the smell, the flavors and the textures of what you eat.

-Listen to soft music that makes you relaxed and keeps you at ease.

-Choosing simple and neutral colors as ivory, khaki, white or gray in combination with chocolate, turquoise or light blue, will bring the hygge feeling.

-Make sure you have enough cushions, enough blankets and enough space to make yourself as comfortable as you feel like.

-Meet with people whose company you enjoy and you can share simple yet meaningful moments.

Danish dinner tapers and pillars